#thinkfuture17 – Re-Inventing the Airport

The annual Hamburg Aviation Conference this year took place between 8-9 February. With its slogan “think future”, the main theme of the conference was “Opportunities for aviation and travel in the age of the hyper-connected consumer”. 

FLIO was also present at this highly anticipated event, where our Founder and CEO Stephan Uhrenbacher joined the panel “Re-inventing the airport – innovative approaches for loyalty, customer experience and non-aviation revenue” along with Marjan Schoeke from Monarch Airlines and Daniel Burkard from Domodedovo Moscow Airport.

While it is beyond doubt that the future of airports is closely tied to their acknowledgement of the urgent necessity to go digital and mobile, what remains to be seen is the exact shape this pending development will take. In his speech, Stephan Uhrenbacher explained how FLIO can help contribute to the generation of non-aviation revenue with a unique mobile solution, i.e. a global airport app.

Remarking on his personal engagement with the creation of FLIO, he noted: “I love shopping at airports and will make it enjoyable for all passengers with one global airport app.”

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