FLIO now has an open API to enable scaling partnerships in online travel.


FLIO steams ahead with its approach to integrate many partners for a great airport experience for passengers.

This week, FLIO announced three new partner initiatives:


Dixons travel partners with FLIO:

FLIO continues to bring new retailer offers to airport passengers with its latest partner, Dixons Travel.

Dixons Travel has 26 stores across 13 UK airports and is the leading airport electrical with latest technology including Apple products, cameras, headphones, mobile phones, tablets, laptops and more.

When passengers purchase through the FLIO app they can now save an additional £10 when they spend £100 or more.


SAP XM partners with FLIO

On the advertising side, Software giant SAP has announced a partnership with FLIO for location-based advertising.

SAP XM have chosen FLIO as one of their key publishers to distribute digital advertising via SAP XM’s next generation integrated media network.

You can find out more about SAP XM here.


FLIO delivers airport content to online travel portals

FLIO now offers an API that enables partners such as airports, airlines and online travel agencies to include airport information and offers into their own stand-alone technology solutions.

“Now any travel related online service such as flight booking website can use FLIO content in their mobile or web services and help passengers to get up to date information about 450 airports. A commercial agreement with FLIO is of course necessary to access the API”, said Stephan Uhrenbacher, FLIO Founder and CEO.  


More details for the API are available at http://developer.flio.com

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