Free Kids meals at UK airports this Half Term

      FREE KIDS MEALS, WIFI AND MORE AT AIRPORTS THIS HALF TERM WITH FLIO Save whilst you travel through UK airports this Bank Holiday London, 25 May 2016 FLIO, the free handy airport app is slashing the cost … Read More

Ten Twitter accounts you should follow when you love airports

Many aviation geeks, pilots and flight attendants post pictures and insights from their journeys on Twitter. At FLIO we find pleasure in following them and use Twitter to stay ahead of the industry trends. Here are our personal top ten … Read More

Great Sporting Venues at airports

Staying fit while traveling is always tricky. Sure, you can use gyms in hotels or at airports, but some airports offer more fancy opportunities. We just listed our personal favorites. You can find all details, like location, prices and opening hours in … Read More

How well do you know IATA codes?

ALP, HKG, LAX – to some these look like random letters bunched together, a computer code, or a child playing on the computer. The seasoned traveler will know that these are IATA codes, or more simply an identification of airlines, its … Read More

Great airports for kids

With Easter approaching, many families are preparing their family holiday to great places all over the world. The airport always is a challenging place for families: You stand in line and wait for long periods, so playgrounds and other facilities … Read More

We won Travel Mobile Innovation Award in San Francisco

Eye for Travel Mobile Innovation Awards honor innovative solutions in the travel industry. Our Co-Founder Andy was thrilled to receive the award “BEST MOBILE TRAVEL SOLUTION” after he presented next to American Airlines and TripAdvisor. This prestigious award shows once again how … Read More

FLIO hits 100,000 downloads

FLIO has been downloaded more than 100,000 times, which is great news. But even greater is that we attract a very high level of monthly active users. This means people like what we are doing and keep using FLIO every … Read More

Find airport map layouts in FLIO

Airports can be maddening places – you have to go up and down escalators and follow signs that might be rather confusing. If you are on a tight schedule it’s exhausting to go long distances between gates, especially when you … Read More

What you should do to surf safely at airports

Since roaming is still expensive, travelers appreciate public free Wi-Fis a lot, though it is not the safest way to get internet access. How easy it is to trick people into connecting to fraud Wi-Fis has again been proven at … Read More

Now 66 lounges available in FLIO

We just expanded our lounge offerings to 66 lounges worldwide. You can pre-book to secure your space or book instantly on the same day you are at the airport. On the same day we also offer the best rates compared … Read More