Discover airports worldwide, save money with great deals on food and shopping, get easy access to free Wi-Fi and hints and tips.

Awarded as “BEST MOBILE TRAVEL SOLUTION” at Eye for Travel Mobile Innovation Awards

in San Francisco, next to Tripadvisor and Skyjet.

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Instant Wi-Fi

WIFI is one of the most important aspects of your airport journey. With FLIO, we give you quick, easy access to the official free airport wifi.

Find things faster

FLIO gets you from where you are to where you want to be – fast. Need a place to charge your laptop? Something to amuse the kids? The quickest route from bathroom to boarding gate? FLIO has the answers.

Get access to lounges

There is nothing better than a lounge whenever you have a longer stay at the airport. Save your seat and see what the lounge has to offer in FLIO.

Save money

FLIO gives you great deals on food, shopping, lounges and ground transportation. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date about our newest deals.



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